Pastor’s letter for September 25, 2016: Praying for Souls

Dear Parishioners,

Last weekend, Fr. Vincent’s father, Richard, passed away. He spent the week with his family. We at the parish office – and many of you parishioners as well – have kept Richard Gilmore’s soul in our prayers, as well as Fr. Vincent and his entire family.

Why do we pray for the souls of the dead? Because God gives us a final gift when the faithful die: Purgatory. In order to enjoy the full happiness of heaven, we need to be purified (or “purged”) of any remaining obstacles to God’s love. We don’t know much about this purification, but we do know that we are still one family, one Church with them; our prayers help those who are being purified. This is why Praying for the Living and the Dead is one of the seven Spiritual Works of Mercy.

Jesus calls us to grow as a family and as a Church. Whenever we draw closer to him, we also draw closer to each other. We have two Bible study opportunities which will help you know Jesus better, as well as a class on Catholic Social Teaching to help discover how we can follow God as a society.

In addition, this Thursday is a presentation called “Laudato Si’ Comes Home” on how your care for your own house and yard can show care for God’s creation. This Friday, Camille Pauley will speak on “The Four Levels of Happiness” which God made us to enjoy. In October, the “Living in Love” workshop will help bring new life to married couples. And, of course, anyone who wants to follow Christ more closely by entering the Catholic Church can take the next step through “Exploring Catholicism” or RCIA.

Joining any of these opportunities will connect you more closely to your brothers and sisters in Christ. But praying for one another, for those close to you and for those you don’t know yet, is the best way to grow in God’s family.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Robert King
Pastoral Associate for Adult Faith Formation