Pastor’s Letter, January 15th, 2017: The Rosary, a powerful tool.

Dear Parishioners,

On January 1st in my Sunday homily I talked about praying the Rosary daily as a good New Year’s resolution. Praying the Rosary is just a good thing all around. It is good for the mind and soul. It brings peace to troubled hearts. It puts things into perspective. When Mary instructed the three children of Fatima to pray the Rosary it was in the midst of a very troubled time. It was 1917 and the entire world was at war, a war that would take over 18 million lives with untold destruction. Mary asked these three young children of Fatima, Portugal to pray for peace and the end of the war.

It seems that peace is always something fragile and rather elusive. Our world seems to be always on the brink of war and conflict. There is political unrest in our country, there is unrest in many corners of the world and much is mostly due to poverty, injustice and oppression. Perhaps the message of Our Lady at Fatima, who came under the title of our parish, Our Lady of the Rosary, is just as relevant as it was 100 years ago. The Rosary is a powerful tool to bring peace because it connects us to the Prince of Peace.

I feel the centenary of the appearance of Our Lady of Fatima is something of significance for our parish. Providence has it that the Rosary is the name of our Church in Edmonds. We should use the Rosary as a gift, an opportunity, a call, a blessing. Mary promises much grace and blessings to those who use the Rosary faithfully.

In Christ,

Fr. Vincent