Pastor’s Letter, April 17th, 2017: Jesus Christ Is Risen!

Dear Parishioners,

Jesus Christ is risen from the dead! Alleluia!

Human language falls silent in the face of the mystery of the Resurrection. Only one word remains to us: Alleluia! Alleluia is the word for Easter.

Faith in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the core of our Christian faith. The Resurrection says that there is a future and place for every human being. The Resurrection corresponds to the cry which lies within every person for unending life and place, a life and place of infinite beauty and perfection. A place only God can provide.

Jesus is exiled love incarnate. Jesus is love returning to the world to call us back to our origins, paradise lost and much more. It was the Resurrection that broke the barriers of death thereby opening up a new and improved ex-istence that suits us completely. In Christ’s Resurrection we become a new creation freed at last from the wounds of corruption.

God exists: this is the real meaning of Easter. Anyone who begins to grasp what this means begins to experience real joy and what it means to be re-deemed by love.

A blessed and joyous Easter to you and your family,

In Christ,

Fr. Vincent

The Holy Rosary staff wishes you a very happy Easter!