About Safe Environment

Welcome to Safe Environment!

Holy Rosary Parish, along with the Archdiocese of Seattle, is committed to creating a safe environment for all children, youth and vulnerable adults. Abuse is a tragic reality that affects not only our church but the entire community. Through the expanded Safe Environment Program new training and new policies have been put into effect in order to eradicate child abuse; not only within our parishes and schools, but throughout our communities. In order for these tragic events to end, we must be educated to recognize the signs of abuse and how to handle these situations appropriately.

Through our Safe Environment Program, which is coordinated by VIRTUS, we conduct criminal background checks on all CYO coaches and assistants, Religious Education teachers and assistants, field trip volunteers, classroom helpers, Outreach Ministry, Youth Ministry, and other ministries of the parish. A new background check and update class will be done every three years. The classes that are given will teach how to keep our programs safe so that the members of our community who participate in those programs are protected at all times. The classes teach how to recognize the signs of abuse and neglect and how to report suspected abuse.

Another goal that we feel is very important is to educate our children about personal safety and how to talk to their parents or other trusted adults when they need help. All of our Safe Environment programs have been reviewed by the Archdiocesan Review Board and the Office of Catholic Faith Formation for age appropriate language and content.

Thank you so much for your continued participation in programs at Holy Rosary Parish, without your support Holy Rosary would not be able to offer all of the expanded programs that we do.  If you have any questions about the Safe Environment Programs please call Lin Lacy at (425)778-3122.