An Overview of this Site

This site is designed to be attractive to potential parishioners, informative to current parishioners, and to make us more productive in doing God’s Work here at Holy Rosary. The primary menu remains constant as you move from page to page, so let me review it quickly:

Home- (upper left corner) you can always get back to the home page by selecting this.

About us- an article about Father, staff contact information and the website olicies

Ministry opps (ways you can use your time and talent to do God’s work) – this is from the Ministry Opportunities booklet

Serving you (our services to parish and community) – directions, for instance, on how to get a prayer onto the prayer chain or how to register a child for Religious ED

Parish groups (operational information for parish groups) – each parish group has a section that they can use for communications within their group. A group’s communications here are not public. Only the group members can access this area. You need to register on the site to see your group’s information; this is the only area that requires a log in. Information here would be the type that would be mailed only to group members: schedules, meeting minutes, for instance. (To register, click on “create new account” under the log-in box. Please format your username as firstname.lastname so we know who you are. We do approve users who are not registered parishioners.)

Downloads- has past bulletins and Gifts & Blessings.

Giving- donate online to support a wide variety of our efforts.

Safe Environment- information about how to get your Safe Environment clearance for ministries involving children and vulnerable adults


The second major feature on the front page is the articles. Every week we will put up Father’s letter. Articles from Gifts & Blessings, select bulletin inserts and special articles will also appear here.

Future developments will include the parish calendar, a link to the online parish directory, and other features requested by parishioners.

If you have questions or comments please email John Russell at