CYO Athletics

Regan Hupf and Sarah Lacy  

Provides an opportunity for our parish boys and girls to be physically active in a positive Christian learning environment. Volunteers are needed to coach in a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball and track. Most teams practice twice a week and league games are held on weekends. Each sport season lasts 10-13 weeks. Coaches are required to complete a three-hourSafe Environment class presented by the Archdiocese and they must fill out an Archdiocesan background request form. All coaches are also required by the CYO Department to attend a 3 hour “Play Like a Champion” class. The CYO program, while it does encourage sports development, primarily emphasizes the opportunity for youth to develop positive self worth, strong moral character, interpersonal competence and a commitment to caring for others through social, recreational and educational activities.


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