Five-year Plan Nov. 2014

Holy Rosary Parish
Pastoral Planning: The Next Five Years

Parish Mission Statement

Led by the Holy Spirit and nourished by the Eucharist,
Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Parish
strives to be a welcoming servant community,
We celebrate the goodness of God’s unconditional love
through worship, education and service.
Parish Council- October 2007

With an eye to the future of Holy Rosary, Father Haydock has commissioned the Pastoral Council to assess the current
state of programming at the parish and then look forward for future needs. ln the planning sessions, the council has been
able to highlight many great ministries currently offered. This document provides ideas for the future of our parish with special consideration to the following areas of focus:

• Welcoming Community
• Faith Formation and Education
• Worship: Liturgy and the Sacraments
• Service
• Financial Stability
• Succession Planning
• Stewardship
• Communication

Welcoming Community
As a welcoming, servant community, we are all invited to create personal relationships that encourage each other as stewards of our Catholic faith.
Proposed Ministry Goals and Actions

Children’s Ministry (Pre-school – 6th grade)
• ln partnership all parish families and their children, make targeted outreach to children aimed at creating in them a sense of value and importance to our parish community.
Youth (ages 14-20)
• Create programs aimed at the community and spiritual needs of the youth of this parish.
• Utilize all appropriate media to announce activities rather than relying solely on the bulletin or social media.
• Celebrate their milestones – blessing of new drivers, graduations, etc.
Young Adults
• Direct ministry in the post high school years to members of the parish who are not married and just beginning careers to support faith, life and career balance.
New families
• lncrease the frequency of new parishioner gatherings
• Create mentor families within the parish, especially ones that have been in similar situations. . Expand and Grow “Taking Them Under our Wings” ministry (created by Welcoming Committee).
• Emphasize social events – luncheons, outings to plays, potlucks, entertainment.
• Use transportation volunteers to provide event transportation to those who are shut-in or with limited
ability to leave their homes.

All volunteers must meet stringent requirements of
the Parish and Archdiocese
Multi-Cultural Community
• During Advent or Christmas celebrate the varying traditions from around the world.
• Consider a second multi-cultural mass and luncheon and/or a dinner after the 5:00 mass.

Family Life and Marriage
• Creation of an Elizabeth Ministry – a ministry to all families preparing to welcome a new child
• Family Gatherings for Advent and Lent
Creating Advent wreaths
Service opportunities in Lent
• Support groups offered on site for those going
through the divorce and annulment process.
For example: Beginning Experience
Provide mentors who have also experienced the
annulment process.
Reach out to divorced persons through targeted
campaigns that assure they have a place at
Holy Rosary.
Support programs for the children of families that
are experiencing divorce

All parishioners
Encourage programs and activities that integrate multiple sub-communities through school, outreach, and service programs.
For example: The Youth – Elderly combination provides
opportunity for building teachable moments and new
relationships that will facilitate modeling faith to the young.
Bring together school and worship communities by
providing resources on one at the other and
making focused efforts of one community to engage with the
other (and vice versa).

Faith Formation and Education
Faith formation and education are lifelong journeys that apply to us as individuals and members of the larger faith community.

Proposed Ministry Goals and Actions .
• Children’s Ministry
Create programs to ensure that those students not
attending Holy Rosary continue to receive
formation in the years between Sunday School and
Formation based on a greater understanding of their
participation in the Sunday Liturgy.
• Youth Ministry (ages 14-20)
Bible study or small group opportunities that meet on a
regular basis with a set structure and curriculum.
Preparation for Confirmation as well as a continued
opportunity for gathering and learning after the
reception of the sacrament.
• All adults
Bible study opportunities
For example: Little Rock Scripture Study
Retreat opportunities within the parish, deanery or
Archdiocese. For example: Marriage Encounter
For example: Christ Renews His Parish
http://www.crhpusa.orq/ .
• All parishioners
Determine if enough interest could be generated in an lT
class for instruction in computers, smart phones, tablets,
This class could be taught by tech savvy Holy Rosary
students for extra credit or as a class project.
instruction would be to demonstrate that basic lT (parish web site, social media, e-mail, picture sharing, etc.) is not all that complicated, thereby expanding contact with families, the parish and the community at large.

Worship: Liturgy and Sacraments
Joining together for the liturgy and the celebration of the sacraments
is at the heart of our Catholic faith.
Proposed Ministry Goals and Actions
• Children’s Ministry
Create and sustain programs that encourage regular
and active Mass attendance
• Youth Ministry (ages 14-20)
Provide training to become Lectors, Eucharistic
Ministers and musicians so that every Mass can be
youthful rather than a separate “Youth Mass”
• Young Adults (ages 18-30)
Outreach in the post-high school years to members of
the parish who are not married on the importance of
getting married in the Church.
Marriage Preparation vs. Wedding Preparation.
Engaged Encounter
Mentors to the engaged couple
• Families
How can we make the gathering space a more prayerful
environment for those who are struggling with their
children during Sunday Liturgy.

Not suggesting a cry room, rather some adjustments to the gathering space, fewer distractions, etc.
Programs that offer the importance of being a fully
active parishioner so as to create a more vibrant
parish community, not just being there for the
• Multi-Cultural Community
Addition of a second annual multi-cultural mass or
Holy Rosary is committed to serving the needs of the parish
and the community
Proposed Ministry Goals and Actions
• Youth Ministry (ages 14-20).
Provide opportunities for outreach to the larger community –
serving in shelters, mentoring younger children, migrant youth
project, etc. Opportunities at the parish itself – helping to
prepare for the church for holidays, etc.
• All adults
Coordinate with other parishes and churches in the area to
reach and better serve a larger number of
the disenfranchised who have no religious association.
Collaboration to better meet the needs of those in the
Engage and support parishioner driven initiatives.
For example, a sewing group with an outreach ministry
creating blankets or other items for those in need.
Financial Stability
Though Holy Rosary is not a business, we must operate it in a “business-like” manner and we must look to the financial
security of our parish. lt is necessary to consider if the parish income
covers the outflow as well as the reduction of the parish debt,
Proposed Program Goals and Actions
• Publish in the bulletin weekly/monthly cash
requirements vs. actual received.
• Regularly publish graphics and indicators that track
progress over time.
• Establish a process for debt retirement.
One or more capital campaigns over the next five
Firm plan for debt retirement with incremental
target dates coordinated by Finance Commission
Regular reports to the Parish on debt position and
funds needed.
• Aggressive marketing of Parish Center for rental usage
Provide brochures to key groups for distribution to clients.
• Responsibly manage giving campaigns and fundraising efforts.
Perform “return on investment’ analysis on current
fundraisers and make decisions on further
investment in each based in part on their ROl.
Create and maintain ongoing comprehensive
“fundraising” events calendar and publish it to
Provide greater visibility and minimize conflict from
competing needs.
Limit occurrences, times, and locations of various
fundraising events in keeping with the proper
stewardship of resources.
• Creation of larger parish fund raising event
Advent Concert or Lessons in Carols open to the greater
Succession Planning
One of the greatest challenges that a parish can face is the retirement
of the pastor or key staff members. We cannot be
overly dependent on one personality or assume current leadership
will remain indefinitely. Looking at the future of Holy
Rosary, we feel it is important to acknowledge the transitions that
are ahead.

Proposed Program/Staff Goals and Actions
• Considering hiring assistants for key staff positions with an eye to the assistant replacing the incumbent when the time comes.
• Develop cross-training and written procedures in order to provide a basic footprint for ministries while still allowing for changes.
Detailed descriptions of events and resources used
provide an ease of transition when handing over ministry.
Additionally, list volunteers who could serve as mentors
To new staff members as they learn their new role.
Our commitment that all members of our family of faith be called on to
share their gifts of time, talent and treasure
Proposed Ministry Goals and Actions
• All parishioners
Host a ministry fair
Highlight a ministry each month in the bulletin. What
they do? Who can participate? Who to contact?
Conduct a parish census and make notations in PDS
(Parish Data System) of available skills from
parishioners to ease search and contact by those in need
of a skill.
Incorporate environmental stewardship into our school
and parish life.
Energy conservation
Enhance recycling programs.
Perform energy audit on targeted physical plant
buildings (School, gym, and rectory) and
implement appropriate remediation measures.
Timely and quality communication provides parishioners with the
opportunity to be active members of the parish.
Additionally, effective communication provides a voice to the parish
regarding decisions and ensures that they reflect the
needs and values of the parish community.
Proposed Ministry Goals and Actions
• All parishioners
Direct mailings to target groups for events
Reliance on the bulletin and social media will
only reach those in the pews.
PDS search queries can provide lists of
parishioners who would be impacted by
specific programs.
The bulletin
Changing the position of certain articles will
cause the reader to see it with new eyes.
Add graphics or change font and sizes to direct
attention to new items.
• Parish Newsletter
lncrease frequency of publication with greater
Reports form the various ministries on their
Reports from the school on their
accomplishments and activities.
Expand the use of digital communication and social
Utilize the Holy Rosary web site for a webcast
Father’s weekly homily, if not the entire Mass, and
The music so that those who are not able to attend
will have access.
Establish a program of regular publicity submissions
to local media.
Utilize local media to announce parish events
and news items (i.e. the Saturday edition of
the Everett Herald religious section, the
Edmonds Beacon, local radio), schedules etc.