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    Deacon Craig

    I’ve been writing about St. Augustine’s saying,
    “Love, and do what you will.” Last week, I noted
    that I need to really know someone and to know
    God’s call for them in order to love them truly.
    This is because God created each of us uniquely. I
    have different gifts and needs than you do; you have
    different interests and aversions than I do. Offering
    you a hand with a project might be generosity, or an
    insult – depending on who you are, and on what I
    have to offer. I can’t love you unless I know you.
    The greater the love I want to show, the deeper must
    be my understanding of you. It is a basic act of love
    to treat others with justice and fairness, but it’s shallow.
    If I want to be friends, I have to spend more
    time getting to know you so that I can see how my
    gifts can meet your needs. If I want to share my life
    with you, as spouses do, then I need to know you
    This is actually harder than it sounds. It means asking,
    not “What do I want for you?” or even “What
    do you want?” but, “What unique plan does God
    have in mind for you, and how can I help?”
    That means I need to know God as well as I know
    How do you get to know someone? How does that
    help you love them better?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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