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    Roberta Tassani

    I have worn glasses as long as I can remember. I am nearsighted. Without my glasses, I can make out colors and basic shapes, and can sometimes recognize faces. But, at best, everything more than about five inches from my face is blurry around the edges.

    As soon as I put my glasses on, however, the whole world snaps into focus. It doesn’t matter what I look at: everything in the world, whether people or objects or images on a screen, I see it all more clearly. I can read distant street signs, identify a tree, or tell if someone has had a haircut recently. Because I can see it better, I can also interact with the world better. For example, I can drive safely at freeway speeds.

    The Catholic Faith is like a pair of glasses: it is a lens that lets me see everything I look at more clearly. All of us are looking at the same world, but the Catholic Faith sharpens our vision and allows us to recognize realities that would otherwise have been blurry. This is because the Catholic Faith helps us to see the world the way God sees it, not merely as we see it on our own.

    Learning more about the Catholic Faith, and trying to practice her teachings in my life, is like keeping my glasses clean: it makes sure that I can see the world as clearly as possible. That is why I need more than just Mass on Sunday. I need to pray every day, and to seek God’s guidance in every decision I make.

    What parts of your life are out of focus? What is Jesus making clear for you today?

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