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    Roberta Tassani

    We all struggle with our faith. My faith has largely been stuck in my head: I’m convinced of the truth of the Catholic Faith, the truth that Jesus is God made man, that he died and rose to save us from our sins, that we are called to communion with God the Father in him both here on earth and after our death. It makes logical sense to me, and I can’t imagine losing my conviction. But I’ve always struggled to connect with Jesus in a personal way.

    Some friends recommend the saints, the Blessed Virgin Mary in particular, to help enter into a more personal relationship with Christ. They say it’s easier to relate to Mary, especially as a mother figure. But me, I’m still stuck. I can’t relate to people I can’t see face-to-face.

    But there’s one aspect of the Blessed Mother that has always helped me. She’s as perfect as any human person can be, endowed with every gift of grace; but Jesus still confused her. She was bewildered by his conception, frustrated when she lost him in the Temple, impatient at the wedding at Cana, devastated by his death. I take comfort that, like me, she found Jesus difficult to understand. Yet she remained with him anyway.

    What do you find difficult about Jesus? Who or what helps you follow him anyway?

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