From Deacon Ray: A World Meeting of Families

A World Meeting of Families, followed by a visit by Pope Francis, will take place in Philadelphia September 22nd through the 27th. The theme of both the Meeting and the Pope’s visit is Love is Our Mission: the Family Fully Alive. The key instructional elements of the events are:

1. All the Catholic teaching about sex, marriage, and the family flow from our basic beliefs about Jesus.

2. As Vatican II said, each family is a “domestic church,” a small cell of the larger universal Church.

3. There is a need to present Catholic teaching in a way that is fresh, insightful, and accessible to contemporary Catholics and all people of good will so that the actions of God may be ever ancient, ever new.

[ed.: There is still time to register to join the Archdiocesan Pilgrimage! More information at]

As part of the Church’s work to support families, the parish has established a Marriage and Family Life Commission that is beginning to plan family-oriented events for the fall. Because family is so important to the Church and Church to families I urge you to pray for both the Philadelphia meeting and the work of the parish Marriage and Family Life Commission.

The Pray Always Group and the Psalms, The School of Prayer Bible study will be on vacation for the month of July. Pray Always meets again 8/4/15 and Psalms meets again 8/6/15. ~Deacon Ray