Funeral Assistance

If you need assistance with planning a funeral, please contact Roberta Tassani at (425) 778-3122, ext. 223 or use the message feature below.

Funerals and receptions provide many ways to help. If you are interested in participating in on of these ministries, contact Colleen Lemeshko at (425) 778-3122, ext. 222 or using the message feature.

Food Donations

Donors provide salads and desserts for funeral receptions. Gifts of food are greatly appreciated and consoling to the grieving family. You are asked to provide food for approximately 10 people. You will be called, on average, every two months or so. You may deliver the food to the Pastoral Center. Food should be brought in disposable containers. We have nice dishes used for serving.

Reception Teams

The parish has four teams who set up, serve and cleanup for funeral receptions. Each team has a team leader who coordinates the volunteer team and takes care of getting supplies. The team leader also notifies the food coordinator, who calls a list of volunteers for salads and desserts for the reception. The teams will be called in rotation as needed.


Often times people will pass away who have no family or friends living in this community. People are called to be a witness for the passing of a deceased parishioner. Mourners are notified by phone, and are asked to attend the funeral service.


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