Infant Baptism

Infant Baptism Preparation Program

Father Vincent offers Baptismal preparation class 4 times per year. This is your opportunity to meet with Father Vincent informally and further your understanding of the importance of the sacrament of baptism. A light meal will be provided.

  • One four hour session for parents and godparents is held four times per year on Sundays beginning with mass at 11:00 am on the following dates: 2017: October 29th; / 2018: January 21; April 22nd; July 22nd.
  • Participants are to register for these sessions in advance, preferably prior to the birth of the child.
  • Baptisms are normally scheduled with Father Vincent on the first weekend of the month alternating between the Saturday 5 :00 pm and the Sunday 11:00 am Masses. Requests for Baptisms outside these guidelines may be made by contacting the parish office.
  • Godparents should be chosen with care. They should be people who will have a relationship with the child and be willing to assist the parents in their raising of the child in the Catholic faith.  At least one godparent must be at least 16 years of age and be a fully initiated (i.e. has received baptism, confirmation and Eucharist) practicing Catholic. A baptized person from another Christian denomination may serve as a witness.
  • One godparent is sufficient, when there are two, one must be male and one female.
  • Baptisms will not be celebrated during Lent and Advent, except for specific pastoral reasons.


Baptism Preparation Dates

October 29, 2017

January 21, 2018

April 22, 2018

July 22, 2018

Classes begin with the celebration of mass at 11:00 am
Following the 11:00 am mass, there will be a meet and greet with Father Vincent, which includes a light meal.  The class will conclude with a baptismal rehearsal in the church which will assure your comfort on that special day.

Baptism Dates for the rest of 2017:

October 7,   5:00 PM mass

November 5,    11:00 AM mass

December 2,  5:00 PM mass

Baptism Date for 2018:

  • Beginning January 2018, Baptisms will be scheduled with Father Vincent on the second Sunday of the month after the 11:00 am Mass. Parishioners who prefer to have the Baptism at “their” regular mass time may make that request through the parish office.