Leadership Committees

Adult Education Committee      Fr. Kenneth Haydock (425) 778-3122 khaydock@holyrosaryedmonds.org
Assist in developing a committee for the planning, promotion and implementation of offerings of formation for adults. May include a presentation, speaker, or a series/ retreat. Hospitality and set-up are included. Meets four times a year. Orientation and formation provided.

Faith Formation Committee   Fr. Kenneth Haydock (425) 778-3122  khaydock@holyrosaryedmonds.org
Develop a committee to plan and review Faith Formation offerings. Meet four times a year. Orientation and Formation are provided.

Finance Council     Fr. Kenneth Haydock  (425) 778-3122 khaydock@holyrosaryedmonds.org
Advises the Pastor concerning the proper use of parish resources. Those with finance or accounting background desired. Usually meets once a month from 7-9 PM. Term of office is three years.

Health Advisory Committee     Roberta Tassani (425) 78-322 robertat@holyrosaryedmonds.org
Provides direction for the Parish Nursing Program. Composed of volunteer lay and health professionals from the parish. Meets once every October, December, February, April and June.

Family Life Commission    Fr. Kenneth Haydock (425) 778-3122  khaydock@holyrosaryedmonds.org
Helps plan 3-4 events per year to enhance marriage and family life. Meets three times per year, from 7-9 PM. Extra time may be needed depending on the events planned. Events may be enrichment programs, various family activities or service projects, socials like the Celebration of Marriage Mass (helps to find a chairperson and assists as needed), bus trips, etc. No experience is necessary.

Outreach Commission Roberta Tassani  (425) 778-3122 ext. 223 robertat@holyrosaryedmonds.org
Advises the Outreach Coordinator on program development and direction. No experience necessary. Term of office is two years.

Pastoral Council        Fr. Kenneth Haydock (425) 778-3122  khaydock@holyrosaryedmonds.org
Provides recommendations for parish priorities, direction, and policies. Usually meets once a month from 7-9 PM. Term of office is 3 years.

Stewardship Commission     John Russell (425) 778-3122 ext. 258 johnr@holyrosaryedmonds.org
This committee seeks ways in which Holy Rosary parishioners can be better disciples of Christ by sharing the many gifts that God has given us through our time, talent and treasure.

Social Justice Committee      Call the Parish Office   (425) 778-3122
The Social Justice Committee is a forum for addressing issues of justice in our parish and community through education and action.  The Committee offers programs on Catholic Social teaching and opportunities to participate in activities that promote the social well being of our community. Examples: parish teams join Habitat volunteers to build new homes in Snohomish County; parish forums on issues such as health care, present Catholic teaching to guide citizen action on social issues. The committee meets monthly.  New members are welcome!

School Commission     Sue Venable   (425) 778-3197 susanv@holyrosaryedmonds.org
Advises the Principal and Pastor in setting vision and goals for the school. Usually meets once a month from 7-9 PM. Term of office is 3 years.