Marriage Preparation

  • Either the engaged couple or their family must be registered participating members of Holy Rosary Parish.
  • The engaged couple makes an appointment with the Pastor prior to setting a date. The Pastor will place the date on the parish calendar.
  • If either of the parties has been previously married, either a death certificate or an ecclesiastical decree of nullity (annulment) must be supplied.
  • Preparation for the celebration of the sacrament of marriage is required. The couple first takes a pre-marital inventory consisting of statements pertinent to living a married life. Then they may choose to participate in an Engaged Encounter Weekend. This is an Archdiocesan program and must be arranged by the couple. They may also choose to participate in our Sponsor Couple program. They will be assigned a married couple who will meet with them over a period of four to six weeks. During these sessions various aspects of marriage will be discussed.
  • When this is completed, the engaged couple meets with the pastor again to go over the marriage ceremony.
  • The couple must also complete the required Church paperwork. Current copies of Baptismal Certificates (issued in the last 6 months) of the Catholic party(ies) must be obtained. (The Baptismal certificate will have notations verifying the  the celebration of Confirmation) Personal interviews and witness statements must also be completed.
  • The couple also meets with the music director to plan the music for the ceremony.
  • A valid Washington State Marriage License is to be brought to the Parish Office one week before the wedding.
  • Any variation from the process must have prior approval of the Pastor.