Online registration for CYO

  1. Website:
  2. The first time you go to the site, hit Create New Account
  3. Set the main parent guardians information, and create the login for the account
  4. On the family account page, you’ll use the +Add buttons to add other members to the account
  5. Add any additional parent/guardians on the account
  6. Add all children on the account
  7. Make sure the DOB is correct for all participants
  8. Hit the Register Player button next to the participants name to begin the process
  9. Follow the steps by choosing the program (sport), then league you wish to register for
  10. After you agree to the terms of service, you will fill out the registration form
  11. Confirm the information for the participant
  12. Once you return to the family account page, the registrant will be in your shopping cart
  13. You can click register for any other participant in the family to add to the shopping cart
  14. Once all registrations are added to the cart, hit checkout to complete the registration process.

If you have any questions with this process or would like to volunteer as a coach feel free to call or e-mail Regan Hupf at 206-229-7384