Outreach Ministry Opportunities

Blood Drives        Colleen Lemeshko (425) 778-3122

Holy Rosary is scheduling blood drives 2 -3 times a year. A coordinator is needed to advertize the Blood Drives, sign people up to donate and coordinate with the Puget Sound Blood Bank for each drive.

Clothing Bank  Linda Zahnow   call the Parish Office (425) 778-3122

Volunteers organize the donated clothes in the Parish Office to be sent to various shelters. 1-2 hours on Mondays sorting and bagging clothes during Parish Office hours.

Easter Basket Project     Eileen Niven  (425) 778-3122

This wonderful and long-standing community service project is in need of a chairperson – or co-chairs. Primarily the chairperson will be coordinating with an outstanding group of existing volunteers to be sure all the needs are covered. Many supplies are on hand from last year. Support and guidance will be provided. This is a fun and rewarding position.

Giving Tree     Eileen Niven (425) 778-3122

Tags with names and desired Christmas items are placed on the tree in the church vestibule. Parishioners take the tags and fulfill someone’s Christmas dreams by returning the desired item wrapped and ready for distribution to the local  community programs.

Health Ministry & Parish Nurse ProgramLori Bulger (425) 329-5618

Help improve the health of the parish family. Volunteer as a parishioner or health professional in outreach programs for body, mind and spiritual health. Many volunteers are needed: for Health Advisory Committee, parish wellness activities, health education programs, parish nurses, health screenings and clerical help.

*****All volunteer interaction with the students require completion of the Archdiocesan background check and completing the ‘Safe Environment” program.


Nursing Home Ministry      Eileen Niven (425) 778-3122   ext. 223

Volunteers go to the parish’s two nursing homes, to pray with the residents, take the Eucharist and be a Christian presence to those living in these homes. They also assist the residents to gather for mass or communion services.

*****All volunteer interaction with the students and vulnerable adults requires the completion of the Archdiocesan background check and completing the ‘Safe Environment” program.

Prayer Chain Mary Hupf   (425) 778-3122 ext.249maryh@holyrosaryedmonds.org

A prayer network for immediate emergency prayer intercession. Intercessors have their names and phone numbers added to a list. When you receive a call for prayer, you will call the next person on the list with the prayer request or continue to call until you reach someone on the list. Then you and all the other people on the prayer chain will offer the requested intercessions on behalf of the person in need.

St. Vincent de Paul Society   Sr. Rachel Kiefer (425) 771-4042

This is a Catholic lay spiritual organization whose members provide assistance to those in need by delivering food and vouchers for utilities, rent, etc. Much joy is received through fellowship and helping the people we visit. We have a Food Bank and are always in need of packaged food for the needy of the community. Watch the bulletin for food needs.

*****All volunteer interaction with the children and vulnerable adults requires completion of the Archdiocesan background check and completing the ‘Safe Environment” program.


Volunteer Chore Service for Catholic Community Services  (425) 257-2111

Catholic Community Services is actively recruiting volunteers for our Volunteer Chore and Transportation Programs! We have both one-time and ongoing service opportunities for adults, youth and families. All of our clients are elderly and/or disabled, and need YOUR help to live in dignity and remain connected to their community. Do you have a few hours every month you could give in service? You can make a real difference, contact us today!

Women’s AssociationJoan Gerdon (425)742-0113

An avenue for sharing, welcoming women to the parish, supporting the recently widowed and engaging in one-time service projects. These women are responsible for putting on the annual Holiday Fair each November and the

St. Patrick Day Luncheon in March. Meetings are on the 1st Friday of the month, September through June after the 8 AM mass. There is no set structure. The quilting groups are also derived from the Women’s Assn. Each of the two quilting groups make a quilt every other year for the auction raffle.

Welcome Ministry     Regina Pappas   (206) 954-0113

This is a new ministry. There are a variety of opportunities available within this ministry. Please call to learn more about it and see if this is the ministry for you!

The Welcoming Committee will coordinate the efforts of the Welcome Team, Mentors and Greeters

Newcomers’ Welcome Teamoffers immediate support to new parishioners by providing a welcome packet, follow-up telephone calls, quarterly receptions which also include our annual Newcomers’ Dinner in the fall.

Newcomers’ Mentor Teammentors are paired with newcomers to integrate them into parish life. Mentors need to be able to answer questions and introduce the new members to others within the parish, perhaps meet at Mass or Coffee‘nd.

Greetersextend a warm welcome at our front door to everyone who attends Mass, as well as greet guests at our other parish events.  This service can easily be incorporated into your regularly attended Mass.

Funeral Assistance

Call the Parish Office for any of the following ministries   (425) 778-3122

Funeral Coordinator    Eileen Niven   (425) 778-3122

A funeral coordinator assists the priest before a funeral by setting out the pall for the casket if needed, placing and handing out the funeral booklets, and assists where needed. He/she will have the various readers practice their readings at the ambo. The coordinator would help people find seats in the church. Often times, especially at large funerals, people are late in arriving and stop to talk to the family. Assisting everyone to find seats quickly helps the funeral start on time. After the funeral, the coordinator makes sure that everything is put away.

Funeral Reception Teams        Colleen Lemeshko

We have several teams of people who help set-up, serve and cleanup for funeral receptions. Each team has a Team Leader who coordinates the rest of the volunteer team and takes care of getting supplies. The team leader also notifies the food coordinator who calls a list of volunteers for food dishes to be brought to the reception. The teams will be called in rotation as needed.

Funeral Witnesses    Millie Caldart (425) 778-3122

Be a witness to the passing of a deceased parishioner, or others for whom we provide a funeral, who may not have family or friends to witness their passing. Mourners are notified by phone, and are asked to attend the funeral services.

Funeral Food Donations   Colleen Lemeshko

Prepare and deliver homemade foods for funeral receptions. Gifts of food are greatly appreciated and consoling to the grieving family. You will be asked to provide food (cold salads, baked goods, etc.) for approximately 10 people. You will be called, on average, every two months or so. You will be asked to deliver the food to the Pastoral Center. It would be very helpful to bring your dishes in disposable containers. Regular dishes need to be picked up after the reception.