Pastor’s Letter Dec. 18th, 2016: Christmas is Near

Dear Parishioners,

Our Sunday offering last weekend was up substantially. Thanks to everyone for helping us correct our negative cash flow/deficit so we can manage the debt.

The Catholic Church always stands with the most vulnerable; defending the dignity of every human being is a priority. Presently the most vulnerable in our society are the unborn, the poor and the immigrant. I would like to direct your attention to two things that have come to us recently from the Archdiocese.

The Bishops of Washington State released a letter on poverty a few weeks ago. It is entitled: “Who is My Neighbor: the Face of Poverty in Washington State.” The letter can be accessed on the Holy Rosary website at the following link: Also, the Archbishop and Auxiliary bishop of Seattle released a letter last week addressing the U.S. Bishops’ and Archdiocesan commitment to helping the immigrant. You will find this letter in today’s bulletin.

The great feast of Christmas is very near, the feast of God becoming man in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and his birth in Bethlehem. He was born in a stable, or cave, a place where animals were kept in very poor and mean circumstances. Jesus came into this world and left the world poor to show us what is most important. It was the love that existed in the Holy Family; the love that Mary and Joseph had for each other, the love they both had for baby Jesus and that Jesus had for them. The family is always where we first experience love. May the love of the Holy Family permeate your family as we prepare to celebrate once again this great feast of Christmas.

In Christ,

Fr. Vincent