Pastor’s Letter Dec. 4th, 2016:Mary-The Woman of Advent

Dear Parishioners,

The woman of Advent is Mary. There is nothing more significant of hope and expectation than a pregnant woman. The little person that Mary carried in her womb for nine months was more than a man; he was also God. Never before and never again will a virgin bear a child. This child was chosen and destined to be the Savior. He came to set us free and fulfill all our hopes and desires. What Mary carried in her womb was hope incarnate. This is the mystery and wonder of Christmas, and it is what makes Christmas such a joyful time.

Mary, the woman of Advent, can teach us how to live the Advent hope, to go deeper and deeper into the mystery of Advent and the mystery of Christmas, which is the mystery of her Son. Mary knew and loved Jesus more than anyone. She knew and loved him from his very beginning in the womb to his last breath on the cross; through his Resurrection and Ascension. It is part of her role as Mother of God, Co-Redeemer and Mediatrix to teach us how to know and love her Son. This is really what is behind the Rosary, Mary teaching us about her Son through the mysteries of the Rosary.

As we begin our second week of Advent and celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception this week, let us allow Mary to be our teacher and guide so as to enter more deeply into the mystery of Christmas. Hopefully, each year we appreciate even more the love that God has for us in becoming a little baby in the womb of Mary and being born in the stable at Bethlehem.

In Christ,

Fr. Vincent