Pastor’s Letter – Feb. 4, 2018: Liturgy and Sacrament in a Material World

Dear Parishioners,

I would like to thank the Knights of Columbus for the fine and delicious crab dinner they put on last week. It takes a lot of work to plan and execute such an event. Not only is it a great event that brings the community together, the proceeds from the event support a very worthy cause. This event for the past several years goes to help the Children of Vinh Son Orphanages in Vietnam. We are very happy as a parish to support these orphanages in Vietnam.

I want to thank Greg Schuler for the fine custom made credence table that he made for our sanctuary. The credence table in the sanctuary is where we stage the various vessels that are used for the Liturgy. This new table has more needed space and has been custom made for the space – it has five legs! Thanks, Greg.

Liturgy and Sacrament are an integral part of our worship as Catholics. We believe that God is made present in the movement of word, gesture and material sign. Water, oil, bread and wine become the material elements that communicate and make present hidden grace and spiritual realities. In a sense the physical, created world participates and becomes a part of our worship. Liturgy and Sacrament makes sense because as human beings we are a composite of the material and spiritual. As body and soul, our body is animated by an immortal soul. Our bodies are very much rooted in the material world and we take our life from it. Through Liturgy and Sacrament the material world is raised to a new and spiritual level. The greatest elevation of the material world is when God took on flesh in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the person of Jesus Christ, the Incarnation.

It is this awareness of the elevation of the material world that we place so much honor and respect on our creation. Creation has a new meaning when we contemplate the mingling of the material and spiritual in the Incarnation and in the human person. Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudate Si’ reminds us of the care that should be taken for our home and the individual person by resisting the “throw-away culture.” It is with this awareness of the elevation of the material world that I am happy to jointly sponsor a Lenten Lecture Series with other local churches.

Dr. Hans Boersma, J.I. Packer Professor of Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, B.C., will be featured in a series of lectures in Edmonds on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 23 and 24.

In his Lenten Lecture Series, Dr. Boersma will be addressing the subject of “Re-Enchanting the Universe,” and the impact of modern culture in framing worldviews without an active awareness of God’s presence. On Friday at 7 p.m., he will discuss “Watch for Deer! Why road signs get in the way of enchantment.” Then on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon the subjects will be: “Tuning People to Reality: Why music isn’t a matter of taste,” and “Getting Back Together: Why the Reformation was a tragedy.”

This event will be held at the North Sound Center and is jointly sponsored by Crista Ministries, the Diocese of Cascadia of the Anglican Church in North America, Faith Community Church, Holy Rosary Church, Holy Trinity Edmonds and North Sound Church.

For more information and registration please go to our Holy Rosary website for the link to this event.

In Christ,

Fr. Vincent