Pastor’s Letter, February 5th, 2016: News from Father Vincent

Dear Parishioners,

This past Friday evening I attended an event in Seattle in which Archbishop Sartain was in attendance. I had the opportunity to greet him and ask him about his health. He said he is on the mend as expected from a major back surgery he had in the fall. He was walking with a cane. I had not seen him since he assigned me to Holy Rosary and I wanted to thank him for the assignment and assure him that things were going well in Edmonds. The Archbishop sends his regards to all the good people of Edmonds and thanks us for our prayers for his continued recovery.

As I have shared in a past letter, because of recent staff layoffs there has been some shift in responsibilities and duties. Angus McDonell, our Youth Minister, had shifted willingly to cover some maintenance tasks and be a backup for Dave Johnson on facilities issues. This meant that Angus would not be doing full time ministry. Though Angus was willing to shift and maintain a full time position here, his desire was for full time ministry; so he has decided to take a position in another parish that offers him full time ministry. We are grateful for the service Angus has provided to the youth in our parish over these years and wish him great success in his new position.

I am happy to announce that Rachel Haber, a parishioner, has agreed to serve as a volunteer in the role of interim Youth Minister for the remainder of the year. Rachel comes highly qualified, with a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and 8 years as a Youth Minister in Cincinnati. Her goal will be to build a team of parent volunteers to assist her in this effort and consult with the youth about what they would like to see moving forward. We are grateful to Rachel for stepping into this position at such short notice to lead our youth ministry program. We offer her our prayers and support as she serves the youth of our parish.

In Christ,

Father Vincent