Pastor’s letter for 9/18/2016: Three thoughts, not necessarily connected

Dear Parishioners,

This past week we had an all-day staff development day focused toward the transition of a new pastor. It was an enjoyable day for the staff away from our offices and a chance to interact and get to know each other in a group and relaxed setting (I hosted it at the rectory). The facilitator from the Archdiocese was excellent in getting us to share and learn more about each other with various sharing activities. The facilitator commented on how well the staff interacts with each other and how positive they are. A take away from the day for me was how grateful and blessed I am for the staff we have here at Holy Rosary and how helpful they have been to me in my transition.

Secondly, before I arrived there was some talk about using the rebate we get from the Annual Catholic Appeal to begin replacing the original single pane windows in the rectory. Though this project will need to be done some day, it is not urgent and there would not be enough funds to complete the project. I would rather replace the widows all at once than to do it piecemeal. Instead I have a few things in mind. First, I would like to make some upgrades on the sound system in the church, secondly purchase a large communion bowl (ciborium) so all the hosts to be consecrated at Mass are in one container, and thirdly, if there is any money left over, get a few vestments to be used at Mass.

The third thought I had is to start a tradition of marking the patronal feast of our parish of Holy Rosary. The feast day of Holy Rosary itself falls on Oct. 7 th. I met with some staff members and we came up with a plan to have a Rosary procession after the 9AM Mass on Oct. 9th. The rosary procession will include various ministries in the parish, especially the children. More details will follow. Also Robert King is planning various talks on the Rosary and prayer around this feast of our parish.

In Christ,

Fr. Vincent