Pastor’s letter for July 10, 2016: An Overflowing of Smiles!

Dear Parishioners,

I had a wonderful first weekend at Holy Rosary! I felt so warmly welcomed at all the masses. There was an overflowing of smiles, welcomes and handshakes – so many faces, stories, and lives. Time is not sufficient to fully grasp the depth of each person and their story. So many people I met have been in the parish for decades and decades. I met a parishioner who was 103 years old, and another who was 95, both still walking under their own steam! The living history, relationships and families that have been connected to this parish over so many years is amazing and will not truly be appreciated until we see how the weave of our lives are all connected in the mystery of God and into eternity. Our Christian faith tells us that in death life is changed, not ended. So all the connections and relationships we make on earth will remain and continue forever.

I am so happy that the Lord has allowed me to journey here with you in this place we call Edmonds. As your new priest and pastor I hope to bring Jesus to you. He is the one person who can unite us deeper in bonds of love than anything else can, and for all eternity. And even if time and space is too short for us to get to know each other personally as we would like, we will have all eternity in Christ to do so. Christ is the beginning, the present and the end of all time, the Alpha and Omega. To know him and to love him is to tie into the “deeper mystery” that transcends time and place. There in Christ’s Kingdom we will all be gathered around the great wedding banquet table united in God’s love.

In Christ,

Fr. Vincent