Pastor’s Letter, January 22nd, 2017: Restructuring Staff and Volunteer Opportunities

Dear Parishioners,

Shortly before Christmas the Archdiocese granted permission for us to pay interest only on our 3.1 million dollar debt for six months. This will give us time to restructure our finances. As you know, the building fund that was paying the debt obligation on our Loan for the Parish Center was depleted due to the vast majority completing their pledges from the last campaign. With the advice of the Finance Committee I have decided not to initiate another campaign to fund our loan obligations with the Archdiocese. Therefore, the loan obligation which is at $30,000 a month ($360,000 a year) will have to be absorbed into our operating expenses. Bringing the debt obligation into our operating expenses means we have to cut expenses.

In the fall I eliminated two staff positions. And it was with heavy heart I eliminated two more staff positions last week: Colleen Lemeshko, our parish secretary for many years, and Gary McConaghy, who was in operations and maintenance. Both Gary and Colleen were very dedicated and loyal employees and we thank them for their service to our parish community. In addition, Lin Lacy will be retiring this spring and her role as office manager will be assumed by the Administrative person (Pastoral Administrative Assistant) whom we are currently looking for.

Presently, we are in the process of restructuring the staff to make sure all parish services are adequately covered. What Colleen was doing is being shifted to Linda Denton, Lin Lacy and Roberta Tassani and what Gary was doing is being shifted to Dave Johnson, Angus McDonell, and Sheila Walde.

And this brings me to what you can do. We have already seen an uptick in our collections, thank you! This will need to continue and increase to boost our ordinary income/cash flow to cover expenses with the added debt obligation. If your pledge for the building fund has run out, please consider continuing that in your monthly offering. Since the staff is taking on more I am looking to develop a list of volunteers who would be willing to answer phones, do data entry, and other office tasks; Church cleaning, maintenance or landscaping. We also need volunteers to support our other ongoing parish ministries. Please contact Lin Lacy and let her know what you might be willing to do.

In Christ,

Father Vincent