Pastor’s Letter – January 7, 2018: The Journey and Discovery of Epiphany

Dear Parishioners,

Discovery comes after desire, searching, perseverance, and journeying. This is what happened to the Magi who came from distant lands. The Magi were searching for God; they were men with a restless heart. This search for God set them out on a journey. They observed the appearance of a star and sensed something great was happened. The star led them to the place where they discovered the Christ child, the newborn king. It was as though they had already been waiting for the star. They were ready for his arrival.

Our discovery of God will also come in a similar fashion. We first must have the desire to find him and set out on the journey of discovery. It will always be a journey driven by desire, a desire for God, a desire for truth, a desire for ultimate meaning. It was the Magi’s desire that led them to the place where they found the Christ child. Do we have the same desire as the Magi to find God? To set out on the journey? The journey is often arduous, the spiritual journey when we are surrounded by so many distracting things.

May the grace of the Magi, the grace of Epiphany, which we celebrate this weekend, stir our hearts with desire to keep us focused on the star that will lead us to Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He will satisfy all the desires of our restless hearts.

For several months now we have been looking for a custodial/maintenance person. We have found a qualified person and are happy to welcome Jacob Grove to our staff.

In Christ,

Fr. Vincent