Pastor’s Letter July 23, 2017: Faith and the Mustard Seed

Dear Parishioners,

The Gospel today talks about the mustard seed, it is a reminder that faith is something dynamic, growing and full of potential. Like the mustard seed, faith is something that starts small yet grows to be much greater. Though faith has a beginning and grows, there is something that needs to grow up together with faith to make it fruitful and lasting. Faith is empty without the complementarity of love and hope. Love is faith in action and on fire. Faith directs our love to the things that matter: God and others.

Dorothy Day, a convert and founder of Catholic Worker, said that, “Though our faith be the size of a mustard seed, it brings with it a beginning of love, an inkling of love, so intense that human love with all its heights and depths pales in comparison. Love beauty, truth, all the attributes of God we see reflected about us in creatures fill our hearts with such wonder and gratitude that we cannot help but obey and worship.”

Eucharist is our worship as Catholics. Eucharist is the ultimate expression of wonder, love and gratitude. May our faith and love grow for this most Blessed Sacrament which is the fruit of the Mass, our highest and most perfect worship and sacrifice to God. In the Mass we unite ourselves with Jesus in his most perfect sacrifice on the cross. The cross unleashed a torrent of love and grace the world has never known.

In Christ,

Father Vincent