Pastor’s Letter, March 12th, 2017: Lent and Signs of Spring

Dear Parishioners,

On Ash Wednesday I spoke about asparagus and daffodils as an image for Lent. Asparagus and daffodils are some of the first things to push up through the soil in spring. It is a sign that spring is on the way, it is really beginning. In our souls there is an invisible force called grace that needs to be awakened.  It is the thirst and desire for God that often gets buried in the many burdens and distractions of life.

What our Lord showed us last week, the first Sunday of Lent, with the Gospel theme of Jesus overcoming the temptations of the devil, is that we do not have to be prisoners of our weakness, bad habits and situation. There is a path to something better; change is possible.  Lent, therefore, should be a season of hope. This hope is demonstrated in this weekend’s Gospel of the Transfiguration. The glory of Jesus as Son of God is revealed to his closest disciples. There is a path from the temptation in the desert to the glory of Mount Tabor, and Jesus leads the way. This is the journey of Lent. Hope is never losing sight of who walks with us, what is before us and where we are going.

The hope of Lent invites us to repent quickly of the heaviness that rests upon us like silt in a polluted world that tempts us to settle for less, or the status quo. The hope and grace of Lent pushes within us like spring, like the asparagus and daffodils that push through the mud of the earth. A push that says there must be more that I need to grasp about what our good God has in store for us and wants to accomplish in us. Hope stirs up a robust expectancy for the marvels that our Father has in store for us. Like the glorious surprise the disciples witnessed on Mt. Tabor, the same awaits us, who are present-day disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Christ,

Father Vincent