Pastor’s Letter, May 21st, 2017: A Final Fairwell

Dear Parishioners,

Fr. Petosa was truly and rightly honored by Holy Rosary Parish last Monday. The entire parish staff, school staff and volunteers came together to make to it a very beautiful, organized, and dignified funeral Mass and reception. The Archbishop complimented us on being organized and hospitable. One priest told me that he was greeted and directed by at least 10 people as he came onto our campus from the parking lot into the Church. We received many compliments to the effect that this was the most beautiful and lovely funeral they have ever been to.

One of the many fruits of Fr. Petosa’s life was the homilist at the funeral, Fr. Jack Shrum. Fr. Jack shared that Fr. Petosa was a mentor and model priest for him. When Fr. Jack was in doubt and the way was difficult, Fr. Petosa offered strong encouragement and support. We are going to miss – I am going to miss – Fr. Petosa. I think, however, he is still with us and will intercede on behalf of this parish that he loved so much. I will continue for some time to use, happily and in memory of him, his chalice with the rosary on it. Soon we will be dedicating a St. Joseph altar in memory of Fr. Petosa.

I want to thank the many people who helped make Fr. Petosa’s funeral such a lovely event. Especially I would like to thank Sue and Mike Venable. Sue coordinated the school staff in the setup, greeting and directing guests and Mike was invaluable in the liturgical coordination. The servers and ushers rose to the occasion. Susan Olmos and the Choir provided beautiful and uplifting music. The parish staff was exceptional in planning, preparing and executing all the necessary details of the day. The Knights were out in force manning the parking lots. The funeral reception ladies did an excellent job in serving the reception. A great thanks to all!

In Christ,

Father Vincent