Pastor’s Letter, May 7th, 2017: Our Lady of Fatima and New Staff Update

Dear Parishioners,
I am very happy to announce that we have filled the Youth Ministry
position for our parish, and she is a parishioner. The Youth Minister
will be Kelly Groesbeck. She has four children and is currently teaching in our
middle school. Kelly has a passion for youth ministry and we feel she is a really
good fit. Kelly will remain part time in the school, which I am delighted about,
and part time Youth Minister. I am confident Kelly will serve the youth of our
parish well in this new position. This position begins July 1st.
I must thank Rachel Haber for being our interim Youth Minister. She has done
an excellent job in keeping our youth ministry going over the past months.
Rachel especially has worked very hard preparing our young people for
Confirmation, which will be this Monday evening. We are so appreciative for
Rachel’s stepping in as a volunteer to see us through this year until we could fill
the Youth Ministry position.
Last weekend was our parish’s First Communion. It was a beautiful Mass watching
all the children of our parish come to receive Our Lord in Holy Communion
for the first time. We pray that this will be the beginning of a lifelong relationship
with Our Lord in the Eucharist. I want to thank Mary Hupf, second-grade
teacher Diana Boyle and those who assisted them for all the fine preparation that
went into bringing these children to their First Communion.
Next Sunday, which will be the centenary of our Lady of Fatima, will be Rosary
Sunday at Holy Rosary. Our Lady’s message to the children at Fatima a hundred
years ago was to pray the Rosary daily. There will be books, pamphlets and holy
cards available for a donation, and the opportunity to purchase Rosaries.

In Christ,

Father Vincent