Pastor’s Letter – October 1, 2017: Parish Review

Dear Parishioners,

October is already upon us. We can feel it in the air and the days are getting noticeably shorter! October is the month of the Holy Rosary and October 7th is our parish feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. We are so blessed to have the Rosary as our parish patronage and “theme”, if you will. As we did last year, we are going to celebrate and honor the Rosary by doing a Rosary procession after the 9AM Mass on October 8th. The statue of Our Lady of the Rosary will be placed in the Church during the month of October, and we will carry it in procession

. The Archdiocese is requesting that we do a parish review. It is a survey that evaluates our parish life and priestly ministry. This is an opportunity for me to receive feedback on how we are doing as a parish. The review will illustrate areas for parish improvement and growth by providing valuable information about the community, parish leadership, staff, and my effectiveness as your Pastor/Priest Administrator.

There is a link provided on our parish website – – for you to fill out the survey online. Though you will be asked to electronically sign, your answers will be kept in confidence as all the data will go directly to the Archdiocese and only a summary of the data collected will be given to me.

The portal for the survey will be open for your response for a week and a half, opening on Saturday, September 30th at 5:00 PM and closing on October 11th at 5:00 PM. This survey information will be valuable in helping me better serve our parish community and planning for the future. I appreciate your gift of time and generosity in responding to this survey.

In Christ,

Father Vincent