Pastor’s letter, October 16, 2016: Our First Rosary Procession

Dear Parishioners,

I was very happy with how last weekend turned out with our first Rosary Procession. I think Our Lady and the Rosary were honored. Thanks to all who helped organize and all who participated. I would like to make the Rosary Procession an annual event for our parish and expand upon it. Processions have a long tradition in our Church as a way of affirming the faith of the community. Processions usually grow up around the particular patron saints of the city or parish. For us in Edmonds it’s the Rosary. What a beautiful gift and blessing this is. A procession is a great way of saying the Rosary is important to us as a parish. It is also good for the young people to see and participate in a procession.

What a joy to discover and bring into the church the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary with St. Dominic. This allowed me to have an image to tell the story of the Rosary. Since the whole month of October is the month of the Rosary, I think I will keep the statue in the Church for a few weeks so we can enjoy it before we put it back in the school. Having this statue in the church brought up an idea that was mentioned to me of perhaps finding some image or statue with the Rosary to put in the Church.

I am meeting with all the Eucharistic Ministers on Oct. 21st for a potluck dinner. I am using this opportunity to have some training in order to update our procedures to current norms for the liturgy, as given in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM). This updating will not affect the actual distribution of communion, but will affect some logistics around the altar and purification. We will initiate this updating the weekend of Oct. 23rd while the training is fresh in everyone’s minds.

In Christ,

Fr. Vincent