Pastor’s Letter, October 23, 2016: Of Storms, Spiders and Mystery

Dear Parishioners,

Like everybody in Western Washington last weekend, I was ready for the big storm that never was. I had my flashlights ready and prepared to do whatever we needed to do to keep Masses going at Holy Rosary if the power went out. I sat and waited Saturday night and the wind and rain did nothing unusual. It was supposed to be the storm of the decade or more. The forecasters were scratching their heads. They spent the next few days analyzing and discussing how they got it so wrong. I think it is great, not for them, but as a reminder that for all the science, technology and forecasting there are things we don’t understand or can’t completely understand. Some very large computers analyze very large amounts of data to predict the weather. Science makes us think in terms of certainty, sometime absolute certainty. However no matter how much we do to understand the world around us I think there always needs to be healthy room for mystery and wonder. This is where God lives, in mystery and wonder.

As I write this there is a spider just outside my window in the process of constructing a web. Its former web was destroyed by a window washer (not the storm). Talk about wonder and mystery; seeing it move back and forth connecting tiny threads is awe-inspiring. And that is what I used to feel like when I watched the inner workings of a bee hive when, as a beekeeper, I had an observation hive. How does the spider know how to make a perfect web? How does the honeybee know how to make the perfect comb? Wonder leads to mystery and the mystery to God. God will always be bigger than understanding, and this is how it should be.

Some weeks ago I established a Parish Finance Council. We are in the process of analyzing and understanding our financial situation and the debt load we carry. As outlined by the Archdiocese: “the purpose of this Council is a consultative body that provides the pastor with advice concerning the stewardship of the parish financial resources.” This council will help me plan for the financial stability of the parish and school and the best ways to manage our current debt load.

In Christ,

Fr. Vincent