Pastor’s Letter – Sept. 17, 2017: Amazing Response to Human Suffering and Need

Dear Parishioners,

I received a text the other day from a friend in California: “Is your area affected by any of the fires in the Pacific Northwest?? Between fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and North Korea things are looking a little dicey these days.” The news has shifted a bit the last few weeks from the usual political rankling to the human suffering that has come with the natural disasters. With the human suffering has also come an amazing response, an outpouring of goodwill, support and prayers. Building the Kingdom of God on earth includes the response to human suffering and tragedy. We see Jesus going about doing good and relieving human suffering: he feeds the hungry and cures the sick and suffering.

I need to acknowledge the response of our faith community to human need and suffering. As you know, our own St. Vincent de Paul Society does so much in our own community supporting the needy in our midst. The Lenten Rice bowl from our parish yielded $4,900.00 this year which goes to Catholic Relief Services to support humanitarian aid project to the poorest of the poor overseas. This is a 68% increase over last year. The Catholic Relief Services Collection in March yielded $4,500.00, which provides help to refugees and aid in the wake of natural disasters. This is a 13% increase over last year. And finally, last weekend our parish collected over $18,000.00 for Hurricane Harvey relief aid. Thank you, Holy Rosary for your generous response to these aid efforts!

In Christ,

Father Vincent