Pastor’s Letter – Sept. 24, 2017: Education, Faith Formation and the Trinity

Dear Parishioners,

All of parish educational and sacramental preparation programs are getting into full swing as we move into fall. Our school has completed its third week. Registration for Religious Education is completed and classes are beginning. Our Confirmation program had their first session last Sunday and reports almost 30 teens signed up which is up over last year. The Bible studies are happening and the RCIA has been meeting since August. We now have 12 individuals interested in making the journey into the Catholic faith. All of these programs can welcome more.

All these educational and faith formation efforts are carried out in the name of and on behalf of our parish whose mission it is proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and build the Kingdom in our place and time. I would like to thank those who work in these ministries on behalf of our parish and ask the entire parish to support them with our prayers as they carry out this important work of faith formation.

This past week with the RCIA I covered the topic of the Trinity, which is a central mystery of faith and life. We started with a fine video on the topic by Bishop Robert Barron. He really emphasized the Trinity as a communion of love, and that the entirety of creation and humanity in particular is made in the image of Trinity. We know that God is love, as St. John tells us, which is the gift of self. God, the Trinity, is an overflowing plenitude of creative love, yearning to pour himself out into nothingness, in order that he may fill it with his infinite being. The entire life of God therefore is a gift, as well as his life and joy.

The love of God finds a place in us the weaker and emptier we are. That is why God comes to the little of this world. The littler we are the greater capacity he finds in us to receive him. Those who are full of themselves have little or no capacity to receive. Love, then, for us consists above all in accepting this outpouring of life, and for him, love consists in bestowing it. May we always strive to be little and therefore on the receiving end of God’s infinite love.

In Christ,

Father Vincent