Prayers of the Faithful

To have a member  of your immediate family or yourself added to the Prayers of the Faithful, to be read out loud at Sunday masses, please call the Parish Office and your request will be added to the next weekend’s prayer list. 425-778-3122.


Prayers of the Faithful for September 23, 2012

Please remember in your prayers the following who are ill:  Helen Stevenson, Victoria Cardenas, Jeannine McNamara, Patty Mello, Marylouise Sternes, Juanita Jacoby, Ching Blascoa, Jamie Hollcraft,  Kyle Borngrebe, Eddie Rogerson,  Tom Sullivan, Doreen and Robert Crow, Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, Jane Bridge, Jo Ellen Kaden, Kathryn Lindaman, Midge Kuster, Maria Nishimoto, Margaret Whitworth, Marie McCool, Bill Brightenstein, Pat Carroll, Peggy Thomas, Wilma Calvin, Nancy Sanders, Drew Kubler, Don Pautski, Terri Reynolds, Christine Ekrem,Cindy French, Joan Green, William Murphy, April Bailey, Emma Jore, Jennifer LeMay, Raymond Jerrel, Dick Koprowski,  Mary Lou Bunny, Jim Benton,  Doug Kronenberg, Frank Laico, Walt Davis, Anne Kaden, Brooke Townsend, Irving O’Grady, Jim Higgins, Mely Preponte, Linda Virgil, Charity Sullivan, Diane Carney, Keene Landry, Barbara Land-Nowlan, Flo Picardo, Gayle Power, Sandra Appel, Elizabeth Andrews, Nancy Gilbertson and Harry Rantz.

Please keep them in your prayers and those who have passed away.

As we take names off this list, we put them in the adoration chapel, so they continue to be prayed for indefinitely.  If someone’s condition changes and they need to be back on this list,please call.  If you have information or new names, please contact Eileen Niven at theParish Office.