SE Training for New Volunteers

                  Safe Environment for New Volunteers


The Archdiocese of Seattle is committed to the protection of children, youth and vulnerable adults. Through the expanded Safe Environment Program new training and new policies have been put into effect in order to eradicate child abuse; not only within our parishes and schools, but throughout our communities. There are (3) requirements:

1). Every employee and volunteer must have a current Background Check

2). Read and sign the Archdiocese Abuse Prevention Policies.

In order to complete the above two steps please register with VIRTUS by
Inserting or into the internet
• Select “Registration” from the options on the left
hand column of the page.
• Select “begin the registration process”.
• Select your organization from the drop down list,
then follow the prompts.

If you do not have Internet access, please contact the parish office to register (425)778-3122

3). The VIRTUS training. This three-hour training is designed to teach participants
how to recognize the signs of abuse, how to respond to suspected abuse and
how to keep our ministries, programs and schools safe. It is required for clergy,
employees and volunteers with ongoing unsupervised contact with minors and
vulnerable adults. This includes all CYO coaches & assistants, Religious Education
teachers & assistants, field trip volunteers, classroom helpers, Outreach Ministry,
Youth Ministry, and other ministries of the parish.

The training is required within 90 days of clearance and you can find the dates,
locations and times for the foundation class on the VIRTUS website.

Thank you for your willingness to protect all of our children and vulnerable adults. If you have any questions, please contact Lin Lacy at the parish office (425)778-3122 or at