Website Policies

5.6 Website


Holy Rosary Parish maintains a website on the worldwide web (www.) in order to further its mission of striving to be a welcoming servant community celebrating the goodness of God’s unconditional love through worship, education and service.


  1. The pastor is the single authorized spokesperson for official communications with the general public. As such, he or his delegate is the final judge of whether or not content on the site furthers the mission of the parish.
  2. Content that might reasonably be considered offensive cannot be posted. Offensive content would include, but would not be limited to, sexual comments or images, racial slurs, gender-specific comments or any comments that would offend someone on the basis of his or her age, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, national origin or disability. The pastor or his delegate will be the final judge of what is reasonable.
  3. Content for groups on the site must be approved by the chair of the group and by the staff liaison to the group. This is accomplished by creating posts in an unpublished state that are reviewed and then published. Routine content, such as schedules, may be published without staff review.
  4. All information posted must promote the worship, education or service activities of the parish. Content cannot promote a for-profit commercial activity.
  5. Content cannot redistribute copy-written material without the express written permission of the author.